Fash Ghiaci City Angels

City Angels

by Fash Ghiaci

Fash Ghiaci created City Angels to address the needs of the community and was based on the old values of sharing resources and caring for your neighbours. In the old days, people lived in communities; they worked together and helped each other, pooled their resources and shared each other’s problems.

Everyone knew everyone and there was common respect amongst community members; those in genuine need of assistance were identified and helped wherever possible. People didn’t lock their doors and youngsters didn’t carry knives and guns!

They lent each other money and together funded projects for the good of their community. This, in turn, created employment opportunities, excitement and entertainment and further enhanced the community spirit.

Divide between the rich and the poor

Somewhere along the line with the growth of the population, urban polarisation, increased divide between the rich and the poor, gross mismanagement of the social services, new restrictive laws on discipline, public attitudes etc… we moved away from communal values. Somewhere along this line, people began to think that positive change was not possible, that we couldn’t support our community to flourish so we simply gave up! We accepted that there was going to be no opportunities for a vast number of people and set up a system of handouts which was grossly open to abuse and which substantially added to the problem.

Sadly, today the community spirit is dead; today it’s every man for himself, survival of the fittest. The breakdown of the community has given rise to the new gang culture, youth disillusionment, increased crime and abuse of the system.

By joining your local community you will have a voice, and together we will have a strong say in the way that we live and work together

Join us now and make your community a better place for you and your family to live in.

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