Fash Ghiaci

Fash Ghiaci

Founder of “The Circle”

Fash Ghiaci founded “The Circle”, a Health and Wellbeing centre with Supported Living Accommodation in 2012.

The centre quickly became a unique environment in delivering positive outcomes for residents and the general public.

Therefore, it informed, assisted and directed its patrons providing the environment, equipment and opportunity for everyone to reach their full potential.


That is to say, for more than 3 years, The Circle (previously known as Smile2live) founded by Fash Ghiaci.

To clarify, Circle provided supported living facilities for the homeless under a contract with the Brighton & Hove City Council, where it provided a variety of well-being and therapeutic treatments.

Above all, it provided breakfast and cooking facilities in its dedicated kitchen and dining area.

On the other hand, Fash Ghiaci helping more than 325 residents in that period, the outcomes were positive and it was regarded as a “safe haven”.

Most importantly, for those in need of a secure, clean, calm and tranquil space whilst getting their lives back together.

Supported Living Programme

The Circle Supported Living programme founded by Fash Ghiaci, was particularly effective for those who had very recently become homeless, working closely with the Rough Sleepers and the No Second Night Out teams.

For instance, pregnant women in need of a safe haven whilst waiting to be housed in more permanent accommodation also formed a proportion of the centre’s residents.

Likewise, the spirit of The Circle is very much about inclusion and unity, without being pushy or demanding.

moreover, Fash Ghiaci work led to positive outcomes working with people with social anxiety.

To sum up, the project provided accommodation to vulnerable people and has helped many take positive steps towards social inclusion.

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