Trevor Gunn

Medical Biochemistry

Trevor Gunn have been blessed with an interest in the human body ever since I was a young boy, but to be honest my interest from childhood was more a fascination with how things work, anything, from mechanical toys to more complex technological gadgets around me, and this eventually culminated in a fascination with the human body itself. I say blessed with this interest because I believe it is somewhat fortunate that my passion has given me the knowledge that keeps me vibrant and healthy, which at my age (now the other side of fifty years old) is a real asset when considering the level of chronic disease in the average population.

It has also been very useful when bringing up my own children where health issues are often so high on the agenda. I am also very grateful for the good fortune that seems to be a pre-requisite for the basic building blocks of well-being, things that often appear to lie outside of our control.